How do I get booked in?


You can call or email to arrange an appointment. For larger tattoos we may require you to come into the studio so we can get a tracing of the area.


Do I need a consultation?


Most of the time we can do your consultation via email. If you would however prefer to have a face to face chat with your artist, we can arrange an appointment for you.


Do you require a deposit?


We do take a deposit, this secures your appointment. The deposit comes off the balance you pay on the day.


Do you do walk in appointments?


Generally we are an appointment based studio, however we will do our best to accommodate walk-ins if we have space.


How much will my tattoo cost?


Cost will depend on both the artist doing your tattoo and the design you are getting. We will always do our best to give you an idea of cost when booking in. Please note this can be difficult with larger scale work, which would be done over sessions.


I've found a tattoo I like, will you copy it for me?


We are a custom studio, while we are happy to use any reference pictures you may have, we wont copy other peoples work.


Can I bring someone with me while I get tattooed?


Due to studio size we only permit one person per customer to sit with you during your tattoo. This person must also be over 18.


What inks do you use?


All the inks we use are Vegan friendly


Are children allowed in the studio?


The studio has a strict no children policy


Do you do piercings?


Unfortunately we do not do piercings, and are unable to advise on them.


Can I move my appointment?


As long as you give us a full 24 hours notice or 48 hours notice for day sittings, we will be able to move your appointment for you and you wont lose your deposit.


I missed my appointment, have I lost my deposit?


Unfortunately you will have lost your deposit as you didn't notify us. Please note if you are late for your appointment we may not have enough time to tattoo you and again you will lose your deposit. We always do our best to accommodate people running late, this can however be difficult when we have back to back customers.


You will lose your deposit  if:


You miss your appointment

You are very late and the artist doesnt have time to tattoo you

If you cancel without giving us 1 working days notice or 2 days notice for day sittings. Please note we are closed Sundays and Mondays and these are not considered working days. 

If you have been sent your design but cancel your appointment, no matter how much notice is given.

If you reschedule your appointment 3 times in a row, with or without appropriate notice.


We are only able to hold deposits for 12 months from the date you booked in after that time you will need to leave a new deposit to book back in.



How old do I have to be to get tattooed?


By law you MUST be 18 to get tattooed. We may ask you for photographic I.D 


Can I pay by card?


We only accept cash payments or bank transfer if this is done BEFORE leaving the studio. Please have your payment method arranged with us before your tattoo appointment.

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